Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lunarsync Premium?

Our premium offer includes full access to all of our features:

1. Moon Calendar

2. Daily Guidance Cards: Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystals and their full details.

3. Guided Meditations

4. Mindfulness Articles

5. Sleep Sounds & Scenes

6. Breathing Exercises

How do I restore my purchase?

- To restore your purchases, follow these steps:

1. Update the app from the App Store or Play Store depending on what device you are using.

2. Tap the Healing tab, there you will see boxes with “lock” icons. Tap to open the subscription page.

3. At the bottom of the screen; tap “RESTORE”

Wait for a second and your previous purchase will be restored.

Can I use Lunarsync from another device?

- Lunarsync does not use a sign-up/sign-in feature. If you have a subscription, it is linked to your user ID. Therefore using the same ID will help you restore your previous purchases. Please look into “How do I restore my purchase” section for more information.

How regularly are you updating your content?

- We are working really hard to bring you the best content possible. Our goal is to add new meditations, articles and sounds every week!

I want to request a feature / give feedback / mention a bug about Lunarsync

- Thanks for your kind consideration. Please say hi to us at with the details. We will do our best to respond you as soon as possible.

Moon phases are not shown correctly

Lunarsync uses your set timezone from the device you are using. Please do the following to check if you set your timezone correctly:

1.Go to “Settings”

2. Go to “General”

3. Go to “Time and Date”

4. Double check the “Timezone”

If everything seems fine, please send us an e-mail at to see if there is anything we can do.